Nov 02

Mental Status Examination – Depression and Mania Illustrated!

sigh… I’m so sick of reading
HAHAHAHA let me do some pastpaper!
sigh… am i ever gonna finish all of them…?
HAHAHAHA I’m taking a break!
sigh… get back to work

Psychiatry MMSE 2

So this is me at the moment

4 days later (After exams)

Psychiatry MMSE 1
HAHAHAHA I’ll go buy ben n jerry’s!
(I can forsee this happening)

Mental Status Examination of each depressive and manic episodes
diagnosis: F31 Bipolar Affective Disorder (Rapid cycling)

What is the management plan?

sigh. get back to work, seriously

ga yau psychi ppl! friday is 4 days away!



  1. sharon says:

    Hi lucc,

    I would like to ask your permission to use your psychiatry cartoons at a lecture I am giving in a psychiatric clinic in Israel, they are great.
    thank you, sharon.

  2. can u please draw something on the complications of diabetes? as they are too many n quite difficult to memorize n reproduce in viva exams…

    thanks in advance! :)