Aug 21

The mascot


At the age of four Lucci was given a small cheetah stuff toy which she later named “Cheetah-nini” which means little cheetah girl in Shanghainese. She was never seen without that cheetah wherever she went and her love for cheetahs has grown since.

Lucci was first inspired to create a cheetah character in 2006 when she visited Namibia to work for Harnas Wildlife Foundation. She met Duma, a friendly cheetah orphan, and the two formed an intimate bond. Lucci could never forget how those generous cheetahs have shown her the true beauty of love and nature. She wanted to do a little something for them with what she has even after she’s back studying medicine in faraway Hong Kong, a place where wilderness is an unattainable luxury. With conservation of cheetahs in mind, Dumo was born under Lucci’s pen in due course, embracing the mission of prospering his fellows’ continuous survival.

Dumo is now the mascot for Cheetah Conservation Fund, an international charitable wildlife organization whose mission is to be the world’s resource charged with protecting the cheetah and ultimately ensuring its future on our planet.

“We see a world in which cheetahs live and flourish in co-existence with people and the environment”
-Cheetah Conservation Fund