Sep 22

OSCE made easy… Illustrated!

Yup, i did it, as promised

illustrating the awe-inspiring OSCE made easy I drew them during the time between med3 MB and OSCE, as well as during the never-ending SSM period. but i’ve been too lazy to rub off the pencil marks then plug the scanner then scan the pages one by one then write a note. well you know me. better late than never.

there are still some minor pencil sketches there if you don’t mind :p been planning to redraw a watercolour painted series, but just wanna see how you guys think of this monochrome version since painting is afterall not my expertise.

Oh in case some of you are wondering, my “ludicrously easy” microbiology book I drew back in med2 was lost :****( It consisted of every single microbe we learnt back in PHAE2 made into a coloured cartoon character. they’re too young to die. I was severely depressed and miserable about the tragedy and i still am now whenever I think of it. :( Let’s hope they can be found asap.

kudos must be given to the author, Dr Heyson Chan, without your excellent notes on OSCE it would have been impossible for me to draw this series of cartoon, not to mention your contribution to so many classes of CUHK medics! There you go.






Respiratory System:







Central Nervous System:




Peripheral Nervous System:





Tell me if you want the rest of the unpublished parts, as well as the Orthopaedics examinations.

I’d very much appreciate any comments, suggestions or criticisms; and should there be any mistakes or discrepancies from our grandiose syllabus, please inform me as soon as possible.



  1. Very inspiring job done, to enable informal learning. I would appreciate it if you could send me the orthopaedic examinations. Thanks & keep up the good work!

  2. tsanko says:

    Wonderful ..thanks a lot for posting a good informitive blog

  3. HZ says:

    WOW! nice work, keep it up
    I would like to see the rest of your work, please send it to my email

  4. HZ says:

    WOW! nice work, keep it up.
    I would like to see the rest of your work, please send it to my email, thanks

  5. Neuro says:

    Thanks for sharing. If you don’t mind, can you put a link for the fullsize so that we can print it for study purpose?

    This really inspires me. I think i wanna make something like this too :D

  6. thanx
    it’s a good fun way to study & remember the important points …… in Ex.

  7. says:

    it’s good fun way to remember the important points & do it

  8. aurora says:

    so inspiring…well can i see the rest of your notes.?..well do you have any notes on rheumatology and geriatric ?? if you have it , can you post it in your blog or send it to my email, tq once again..

  9. Noraida says:

    Hi, can i request for the rest of unpublished parts including orthopaedics. Thanx a lot

  10. Juls says:

    Absolutely brilliant!

  11. p.ho.b. says:

    Wonderful job! Can you pls email me the rest of the unpublished parts including orthopaedics as well? Thanks a Lot!

  12. kelly says:

    awesome! its amazing. could i pls have the ortho 1 too? thanks! :)

  13. ling says:

    hey could i have the unpublished parts? i love this so much (: thanks!

  14. niranchan says:

    u hv great skills….try publishing a book :)

  15. so sweet :) I am doing OSCEs next week and I just stumbled on your drawings… Nice stuff. Thank you so much from Portugal

  16. mandy law says:

    hey~ i am also med 3 from cuhk~ can you please email the rest of the drawings? they are super helpful! thanks so much!

  17. liang says:


    I chanced upon your beautiful drawings while googling for paeds DA. Can you kindly send me the rest of your unpublished work? Thanks so much! :)

  18. Jaes Tan says:

    Wow sweet i can definitely use this and infos are accurate :D can you send me the other parts and unpublished works? thank a bunch and keep up the good work… im reckonin your going for peds

  19. Tharine says:

    Hi, awesome notes! Please mail me the unpublished stuff….

  20. andrea jacobs says:

    Please email me the orthopedic examination illustrations. It’s brilliant. Thanks so much for the effort.

  21. hanna says:

    this is plain awesome! could you send me the other parts too? :)

  22. seeteng says:

    hi, u hav done a great job here…
    will really appreciate if u can email me the rest of the drawings…
    tq so much!

  23. nalini says:

    hi! nice work.. u have amazing talent. can i request for more orthopaedics examination? thank you. take care and god bless:)

  24. Jonathan Chua says:

    Hey, I’d like to get the rest of the pics, please? I find them really useful! Thanks

  25. Nigel says:

    Hello, thank you so much for sharing your knowledge in such a fun and interesting way. I really enjoy reading through your work.

    Could you please email me the rest of the unpublished parts including orthopaedics as well. Thank you, God bless you.

    Best regards,

  26. Aimi says:

    hye..thank you for ur lovely work of art and the hv been really usefull..i would love to see more from you..
    i would also like to request the rest of the unpublished parts heartiest gratitude.
    all da best!